It's not just meat, but a full selection of delicious produce


Our kitchen presents both modern and traditional techniques influenced by seasonal ingredients, locally sourced from the beautiful Cotswold larder. We aim to create memorable food for every occasion

We hope to make evenings just that little bit easier by producing produce fresh ready-made meals, chicken and beef stocks made the traditional way, using our own bones and pig's trotters to create a deep, rich flavour.

It's all about the pies...

Whether a traditional pork pie or a rich and decadent beef and ale pie, everything in Jesse Smith’s Kitchen is made with honest ingredients, from scratch. 

We know what’s in our food because we make it ourselves and we use the same approach for every recipe whether it’s for our shops or café using only quality ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction. And of course, there are no nasty additives or hydrogenated fats.

Handmade sausage rolls, hand-rolled scotch eggs, cakes, tarts, pastries, bread and so much more...

We love to share the tastiest ingredients from our best loved suppliers to create dishes ranging from comforting British favorites to exciting dishes with influences from around the world.

And if you need a helping hand, we’re always coming up with new recipes inspired from our outstanding suppliers.


We pride ourselves in offering outstanding bread and handmade pastries, all baked daily at our Kitchen in Cirencester.

We showcase our pastries in our intimate café alongside fresh baguettes and paninis and hot daily specials.

For more information please visit our Farm Shop & Coffee House

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