Based in the heart of the Cotswold we have the luxury of having some of the finest produce in the UK on our doorstep. With relations that go back generations we are able to bring our customers produce from farmers who are fanatical about their animals which is reflected in their welfare along with butchers who pride themselves on their craftsmanship and workmanship. 




Like our beef, we source our Lambs which have been grass-fed and allowed to roam free in small flocks. We source as much of our lamb as possible from the Cotswolds and surrounding farms. Lamb production is a seasonal affair so we move further afield during the course of the year, always buying the best we can possibly get. Our new-season lamb is delicately pale in colour and exceptionally tender, with a beautifully sweet and subtle flavour. 



Tradition to our area, we stock free range Gloucestershire old spot pork. The pigs are reared longer than average to intensify the succulence and taste and this combination of environment and expertise results in a flavor some pork with full traceability from gate to plate. Allowed to roam free in small numbers on the farm, the pigs can wander in and out of purpose built shelters in colder months and wallow in muddy puddles for entertainment; they all benefit from a slow and natural rearing process, a quality diet, and the highest standards of welfare and husbandry.



We're blessed to be based in the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by countryside renowned for its spectacular game. We source pheasants from our own shoots & additional game from small local estates helping to ensure that each wild animal has been sourced ethically, humanely and safely.

Red Grouse
August to December

September to February

October to February

Available all year round

Available all year round but different breads are stalked depending on the season.

Roast Chicken


Our free range poultry demonstrates just how good a chicken can taste – a true alternative to the dull, bland products that are so commonly supplied these days. We select farmers who produce more mature poultry with welfare of the birds always coming first, just like generations before us.  
Selected specifically for Jesse Smith, our chickens are raised in small groups free to forage during daylight hours enhances their superb tenderness and supreme flavour.



Three things are essential in the rearing of the best beef; environment, welfare, and quality breeds. We choose farmers whose cattle is pasture fed to allow the cattle to grow slowly and naturally resulting in meat that is unrivalled in flavour and texture; the way nature intended. 


Due to their unique taste and texture, we source Pedigree Aberdeen Angus & Pedigree Hereford, both traditional breeds’ full of flavour. We also supply Hereford / Angus cross Dexture, sourced from a local suckling heard farmed 6 miles away. We choose farmers whose passion for their breeds is echoed in the beef they produce, with enough fat between the muscles and is marbled within, to give both great succulence and flavour.

Himalayan Salt Dry Aging

At Jesse Smiths we have a unique dry aging process featuring a room lined with beautiful pink Himalayan salt bricks. Our beef is hung traditionally in quarters but importantly, when it is broken down we then place the sirloin, rump and ribs of beef in our salt lined dry aging room. This room is specifically set up for the dry aging process allowing our beef to mature slowly at the same time as absorbing the subtle flavours of the salt resulting in beef that is tender, deep with flavor and absolutely delicious.  

The therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt has long been known, but it is only a recently that it has started to be used to aid the ageing of meat. The wall we’ve created in our dry ageing chamber consists of over 100 of these Himalayan salt blocks. Each of the bricks has been hand cut resulting in a rather beautiful semi-transparent marbled wall. There are a number of effects which enhances the flavour of the meat. Firstly the salt bricks help to draw moisture from the surrounding air and meat, the lowered humidity helps inhibit the growth of any unwanted bacteria. The negative ions from the salt then counteract with the positive ions of the meat giving a unique sweet, flavour. The bricks also aid in purifying the air in the chamber and it is noticeable the clean, fresh atmosphere when entering.

There are currently only a handful of butchers in Britain to have a salt wall installed. Our dry aging technique makes our steaks and burgers exceptional and really stand apart from the rest.

Salt wall & meat
salt wall