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Jesse Smith Butchers is a family owned company, based in the town of Cirencester. Our Head Office and state-of-the-art wholesale preparation facility is here and we have a string of Butcher's Shops situated around the Cotswold's, along with Kitchen & Catering Unit.

From humble beginnings with just a handful of devoted customers, we now collaborate with many of the best local chefs and restaurateurs. Our reputation has been built on our uncompromising commitment to provenance, fair trade with farmers and especially sourcing the finest quality produce.

Excellent animal husbandry & welfare pared with our teams butchery skills results in a range of meats which we believe is truly exceptional.

1808 - Our beginnings

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Butchers established on 12 Black Jack Street in Cirencester including what is now Jesse’s Bistro as the slaughterhouse




Edward Boulton registered owner of Butchers on Black Jack Street 6 rival butchers in Cirencester
(Ref Gloucestershire Trade Directory)




Butchers on 12 Black Jack Street owned by Daniel Smith
They were living in Gosditch Ward (which included Black Jack St):
Daniel Smith, aged 42, born Cricklade, butcher; with wife Ann, and children.

Susannah, Harry, Joanna, David, Sampson, and Daniel. The Census also shows that David, Sampson and Daniel were born in Cirencester (all the others were Wiltshire born).

11 other butchers in Cirecester
(Ref Gloucestershire Trade Directory)


Census records Daniel Smith (52) as a widower, , living in Black Jack Street, with daughter Joanna, and sons Sampson (age 16), Daniel (14), and Jesse (10). Census lists a Daniel Smith, butcher in Black Jack Street; and an Edward Smith, butcher, in Dollar Street. Were they brothers?


Census lists Daniel Smith, widower aged 62, butcher and farrier, living in Black Jack Street; with his sons Daniel (aged 21), and Jesse (aged 19), both working as butchers, and confirming that both sons were Cirencester born.


Reported in Glos Journal – Daniel Smith, Butcher in Black Jack Street Cirencester had bought a number of Welsh sheep at Cricklade market & put them in his helf on the Tetbury Road. Sheep mysteriously went missing…


Jessie Smith mentioned in the Gloucestershire Journal
‘A serious accident occurred to a boy named William Reed, aged 15, son of P.C. Reed, stationed Cirencester. Saturday morning last he was riding pony, belonging to his master, Mr. J. Smith, butcher, when the animal shied ‘


Directory published by Morris & Co., lists ‘Smith, D. and J., family butchers and bacon curers, St John Street and Castle Street’ [St. John Street = Black Jack St.]. There are separate named entries for:  ‘Smith Daniel, butcher (firm of D. and J. Smith); Black Jack Street’; and ‘Smith Jesse (firm of D. and J. Smith), Castle Street.’ 


Directory for North Wilts, Cricklade and District lists ‘Smith, D. & J., Butchers, 6 St John’s Street’; but by 1889, Kelly’s Directory records ‘Smith Jesse (established over 50 years), Family Butcher, Sausage Maker, bacon curer etc. 6 St. John’s Street.’


Smith Jessie (Established Over 50 Years) Family Butcher, Sausage Maker, Bacon Curer & C 6 St John Street Gloucestershire Trade Directory


Jesse Smith registered as living at Southside, 7 Lewis Lane in Cirencester with his wife Ruth and three daughters.  (Corinium Museum have photos) Gross Value of £1200 


Jessie Smith (family butcher in Cirencester) contested a hearing in court for using his trap for uses other than
solely for trade purposes. 


William Dance (40). butcher, in the Cirencester Cottage Hospital in a critical condition owing to blood poisoning. 
When working at the premises of Messrs. Jesse Smith, Black Jack-street, Dance had the misfortune to cut a finger of his left hand. Three days later he was taken ill. 


Shop front as we know it now erected & left hand building added to Butchers
‘A Trial Solicited for our celebrated SAUSAGES, POLONIES HAMS and Brawns.’
Quality is True Economy

1914 - 1918

1936 / 1937

Houses were renumbered so number 6 St John’s Street would now be number 14 Black Jack Street.


Jessie Smith died, aged 86

1939 - 1945


Business bought by the Hawes Family


Opened Jesse Smiths in Tetbury


Took on WJ Castle from William Castle in Burford & Northleach


Opened a catering unit


Third Generation of the Hawes family was born


Opening of Jesse’s Farm Shop on Love Lane in Cirencester